Balthen Stonemight

A Dwarven Avenger|Invoker Hybrid, the Divine Hand of Moradin.

Name: Balthen Stonemight
Race: Dwarf
Class: Avenger-Invoker Hybrid
Paragon Path:
Epic Destiny:
Adventuring Party: Purveyors of Mediocrity
Homeland: The Dwarven city of Hrenkelmar
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Moradin Gender: Male
Height: 4’ 9” Age: 43
Weight: 193 Pounds Hair: Red
Size: Medium Eyes: Slate

Initiative: AC: 13 Speed (Squares): 5
Stat Score Mod Mod + 1/2 Lvl Passive Insight: 14
Str: 11 Fortitude: 14 Passive Perception: 19
Con: 15 +2 +2
Dex: 10 Reflex: 13 Max HP: 27
Int: 16 +3 +3 Bloodied: 13
Wis: 18 +4 +4 Will: 14 Surges per Day: 8
Cha: 8 -1 -1 Surge Value: 6

Name Bonus Stat Mod + 1/2 Lvl Trained Armor Penalty Misc
Acrobatics Dex 0 0
Arcana 3 Int +3 0 n/a
Athletics 7 Str 5 0 +2 Feat
Bluff -1 Cha -1 0 n/a
Diplomacy -1 Cha -1 0 n/a
Dungeoneering 6 Wis +4 0 n/a +2 Racial
Endurance 4 Con +2 0 0 +2 Racial
Heal 4 Wis +4 0 n/a
History 3 Int +3 0 n/a
Insight 4 Wis +4 0 n/a
Intimidate -1 Cha -1 0 n/a
Nature 4 Wis +4 0 n/a
Perception 9 Wis +4 5 n/a
Religion 8 Int +3 5 n/a
Stealth Dex 0 0
Streetwise -1 Cha -1 0 n/a
Thievery Dex 0 0
Power of Earth +2 Feat bonus to Athletics. In addition, Enemies hit by either Overwhelming Strike or Visions of Blood are slowed until the start of your next Turn.
At Will
Overwhelming Strike You maneuver around your foe, drawing him into your wake as you attack.
Melee weapon Wis vs AC Hit: 1[W] + Wis Modifier damage. You shift 1 square and slide the target 1 square into the space you just occupied. In addition, target is slowed until the start of your next Turn.
Visions of Blood You cause visions of carnage and strife to overwhelm the senses of several nearby foes.
Close Blast 3 Wis vs Will Hit: 1d6 + Wis Mod Psychic Damage. Target takes a -1 penalty to all Defenses until the start of your next Turn. In addition, target is slowed until the start of your next Turn.
Forceful Denunciation The thunderous crack of an immense hammer-blow sweeps your foes aside.
Close Blast 3 Wis vs Fort Hit: 2d6 + Wis Mod Thunder Damage, and you push the target a number of squares equal to your Int modifier.
Thunder and Echo Thunder rides your weapon and then reverberates around you.
Melee weapon Wis vs AC Hit: 1[W] + Wis Mod Damage + 1d10 Thunder Damage. Miss: Half Damage.
Effect: Make a Secondary Attack.
Close Burst 2 Wis vs Fort Target: Each enemy in Burst other than the Primary target. Hit: 1d6 + Wis Mod Thunder Damage, and you push the secondary target 2 squares.
Attack Type Attack Bonus Damage
Prayer Attack with Holy Symbol +4 +4
Prayer Attack with Rod of Reaving +1 +5 +5
Wisdom-Based Attack with Maul +6 2d6+4
Basic Attack with Maul +2 2d6
Basic Attack with Hand Crossbow +2 1d6

Balthen Stonemight was born and raised in the Dwarven city of Hrenkelmar, whose name rendered in Common means “Rain Below the Mountain”. The subterranean city takes its name from the single great waterfall that flows into its main cavern and becomes a river course straight through the city’s heart. Numerous shrines and temples to Moradin dot the city, many with their own peculiar customs and ways of worship.

The third son of a prominent Blacksmith, Balthen grew up in the smithy amidst the heat and the hammers and the refined skill of the master artisans. But where his brothers slowly mastered the art of the forge, Balthen showed little interest nor skill in his father’s craft. Balthen’s parents eventually sent him off to Divinity school, since to them he was obviously bright and wise beyond his years. With a cantankerous demeanor and little interest in people, however, the Priests of Moradin found themselves with a young disciple that was far from the perfect Priest.

After it became clear to them that Balthen would never make a suitable priest, the leaders at the Central Divinity Academy passed him off to another of Moradin’s temples within the city, to continue his training as a cleric. When this second attempt failed, he was shuffled off into another school, and then another and another. Balthen eventually worked his way through nearly every shrine, temple, and sect of Moradin’s worship within Hrenkelmar. Along the way, the lessons and worship always differed, but Balthen’s faith never did. Like a fire from one of his father’s forges, Balthen’s faith burned hot and strong and unending within him. Bouyed by his faith, Balthen was unfazed when at last, he was finally told his training had come to an end, incomplete though it was.

Within Hrenkelmar, there were no more temples to train at, and no more priests to teach him. He had passed through them all, one by one, and neither the clerics, nor the paladins, nor any other sect would have him. And so, Balthen passed from Hrenkelmar into the world above, to search out marks Moradin’s forging had left on creation, and to find the temper that always eluded him in the city below.

The lands above the mountain fastness of his homeland were cruel. Monsters and brigands roamed the night, and even in the safest of walled hamlets, injustice and tyranny often ruled the day. Where was the mercy of the Gods? Where was the compassion and justice? Disillusioned, Balthen began to despair of ever finding a place in the world he belonged. And then, the place found him.

Wandering from town to town, Balthen eventually found himself in a tiny, defenseless village when it was set upon by a horde of goblins. Balthen’s frustration with the way of the world finally boiled over, and he joined the fight for the village’s defense armed only with his fury and a hammer he quickly snatched from the village’s smithy. Calling Moradin’s name, Balthen lashed out again and again at the invaders with furious, unshaped emanations of Divine wrath. Hammer-blows of force and peals of thunder leapt from him as he channeled the pure, hot flame of Moradin’s justice for the first time.

As the battle raged, other warriors emerged from the dust and the blood, to help in the village’s defense. Wild warriors, clad in hide and with golden suns emblazoned on their shields. When the dust settled, and the final goblin lay slain, these warriors gathered around the exhausted Balthen and took him in as one of their own. The Circle of Summer’s Shield, as they were known, saw in him a kindred spirit—one who would help press back the encroaching night, and who revered the earth and its creations in a way quite similar to their own.

Under their tutelage and supervision, Balthen learned to better control these new powers Moradin had bestowed upon him, and honed his skill with weapons at the same time. He came to spend more and more time with another member of the Circle, Aztryd Earthshaker. Also a dwarf, he learned that she was ancestrally from the same homeland as Balthen—her parents had left Hrenkelmar during a time of unrest and upheaval shortly before Balthen himself was born. When the call came down that Aztryd was to go to the Nentir Valley to assist the city of Fallcrest in its fight against encroaching darkness, Balthen quickly insisted that he go with her. The Circle had become his only family out here in the wilderness of daylight, and even though she’d never set eyes on it, her connection to Hrenkelmar made Aztryd doubly so.

And so, Balthen and Azyryd began their long and dangerous trek toward Fallcrest, and whatever perils lay in wait along the way…

Balthen Stonemight

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