Greg's 4E Extravaganza

A Problem with Kobolds.

After being sabotoged along the road from Fallcrest to Winterhaven Drin was beginning to feel confident in the group’s abilities to take care of any danger that might come their way. This theory was untested as they made it to the gates of Winterhaven unbothered. As the group approached the guards of the gate a dwarf rode up screaming, ‘Help! Help!”

Drin was caught of guard as she was having a fantasy about shifting into the Fey world and she ran straight towards the calls for help chosing a small thicket of trees to draw her bow and take aim at three kolbolds close by. She quickly realized her mistake as they turned towards her and ran towards her, clawing and biting. She saw a blur that may have been Rhogar run by as she tried repeatedly to gain some advantage and defend herself.

The rest of the party made short work of the rest of the kobolds, save one, and rescued the old man and Drin. She vowed to never make the same mistake again.

The group reunited the Dwarven family and escorted them back to Winterhaven. They met the local Lord Padaig at his comfortable home where he gave them directions to the local inn and the name of a few contacts. Glancing around Drin could see that the Lord was wealthy and decided much of the space he had could be given back to the wilderness and he could live comfortably. He could also, therefore, easily afford to give them free room and board. To bring a little balance back to the world she decided to tell the Innkeeper that the Lord offered to pay for their meal and board.

At the Inn Drin failed horribly in convincing anyone that the Lord offered to pay. The next time she would approach the situation carefully – she was learning a lot from being with this group of strangers.

She watched as the various memebers in the party spoke to patrons of the Inn. She listened as they discussed many threats located around the small city – kobolds, a cult, a waterfall…there was much to be investigated. When her party retired to their room for the night she crept out into the barn, made a makesift bed out of some hay, and drifed off to sleep.

Rhogar's Journal 1

Fallcrest. Damned northern cities are cold, and it’s like these damn people have never seen one my ilk. The southern heat still flows in my veins, despite the ice on my breath. I’m told we adapt to our surroundings, and I hope that happens sooner than later. Perhaps coming here wasn’t the wisest of ideas… though I’ve never been accused of a surplus of that I suppose. Well, I’m here and my gold dwindles to nothing. As much as I detest the drudgery of it, it looks like another caravan is in my future.

  • Market Attacked by group of undead
    • 100xp
  • Lord Warden Faren Markelhay in Moonstone Keep requests our attendance after the fight
    • Lord Padaig of Winterhaven needs help with bandits and kobolds in the area. No local troops can be spared and wants us to go.
    • Also wants us to check on Douven Staul, explorer and friend to the Lord Warden. Supposedly had found a map to a dragon’s burial site, figured there must be treasure to go along with it.
  • Given a writ for horses.
  • Go back to our respective Inns.
  • Next day meet up at the temple of Erathis for breakfast.
    • Over breakfast we are told that the leader of the temple had requested Glorala look into a death cult that had passed through and headed up towards Winterhaven last year. It’s not necessarily their area of responsibility, but it troubles her and if we are going to be in the area would like us to take it out.
  • Etherenye and Fallance stop in at a temple of Corellon on the way to the stables and have a talk about race.

The King’s Road

  • We travel the King’s Road towards Winterhaven. Around midday of the second day we are attacked by kobold ambushers. Kill 8 of them.
    • 118xp. 9sp to all except Rhogar takes 5 javelins, sm globe of some sort for the sling (glue pot), dragonhide shield (light shield)
The Beginning.
Etherenye's Memories.

Setting: A marketplace in Fallcrest.

Glorala is looking at rugs at a stand in the marketplace. She is in town to gather allies to spread the word of her god Erathis.

Fallance is perusing a book vendor’s stall. He is looking to make a name for himself. The highest job that he could attain in his home city would be that of a servant who cools the rooms of a Palace or drinks for a nobleman which would not bring him recognition he seeks.

Rhogar has his shield, sword, and five gold. He stands before the weapons booth pondering purchases and his lack of gold. He is in town to improve his monetary status.

Etherenye is peering at the fine clothing stall trying to decide what an Eladrin would wear.


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