Rhogar of the Crimson Blade, Dragonborn fighter

Name: Rhogar of the Crimson Blade
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Fighter XP: 3760
Paragon Path:
Epic Destiny:
Homeland: The city of Lereban, far to the SE of Fallcrest
Alignment: Unaligned Deity: The Raven Queen
Gender: Male Age: 16
Scales: Crimson Height: 6’8”
Eyes: Amber Weight: 320lbs
Size: Medium

Initiative: +4 AC: 19(21) Speed: 5
Stat Score Mod Mod+1/2 Lvl Passive Insight: 13
Str: 19 +4 6 Fortitude: 18 Passive Perception: 13
Con: 14 +2 4
Dex: 14 +2 4 Reflex: 14(16) Max HP: 47
Int: 11 0 2 Bloodied: 23
Wis: 12 +1 4 Will: 13 Surges per Day: 11
Chr: 12 +1 4 Surge Value: 13

Skills and Abilities:
Name Total Stat Mod + 1/2 lvl Trained Armor Penalty Misc
Acrobatics 3 Dex 4 0 -1 0
Arcana 2 Int 2 0 n/a 0
Athletics 10 Str 6 5 -1 0
Bluff 3 Cha 3 0 n/a 0
Diplomacy 3 Chr 3 0 n/a 0
Dungeoneering 3 Wis 3 0 n/a 0
Endurance 9 Con 4 5 -1 1
Heal 3 Wis 3 0 n/a 0
History 4 Int 2 0 n/a +2(Racial)
Insight 3 Wis 3 0 n/a 0
Intimidate 10 Cha 3 5 n/a +2(Racial)
Nature 3 Wis 3 0 n/a 0
Perception 3 Wis 3 0 n/a 0
Religion 3 Wis 3 0 n/a 0
Stealth 3 Dex 4 0 -1 0
Streetwise 3 Cha 3 0 n/a 0
Thievery 3 Dex 4 0 -1 0
Conditional Modifiers:
Languages Known:
Common, Draconic

Racial Abilities
  • +2 to Str and Chr
  • +2 to History and Intimidate
  • Dragonborn Fury (+1 to hit when bloodied)
  • Dragonborn Heritage (+con mod to healing surges)
  • Dragon Breath (Cold, Str)

Class Abilities
  • Combat Challenge
  • Combat Superiority
  • Combat Style: Two handed (+1 to hit with two handed weapons)

  • Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword)
  • Weapon Expertise Heavy Blades (+1 to hit)

  • At will: Cleave, Reaping Strike
  • Encounter: Passing Attack, Sweeping Blow
  • Daily: Brute Strike
  • Utility: Unstoppable

Name Attack Bonus Type Damage Range Ammunition Properties
Bastard Sword+1 +11 S d10+6 n/a n/a Versatile
Dagger +9 P d4+4 5/10 n/a Light thrown
Javelin +8 P d6+4 10/20 5 Heavy Thrown

Name AC Bonus Type Check Penalty Spell Failure Weight Properties
Dwarven Chain +1 7 Medium -1 n/a 40lbs
Heavy Shield 2 Shield 0 n/a 6lbs

Item Weight Item Weight
Backpack 2lb Bedroll 5lb
Waterskin 4lb Belt Pouch 1lb
Flint & Steel n/a Grappling Hook 4lb
Hammer 2lb Pitons x10 5lb
Rations (10 days) 10lb Rope(hemp) 50’ 10lb
Sunrod x2 2lb

GP: 108
SP: 19

Rhogar is generally a decent sort. He’s not overly cruel, doesn’t kill for sport and generally accepts that laws exist for a reason. There’s a certain moral flexibility about him and he tends to look out for himself, but has a hard time passing up someone truly in need and a firm sense of loyalty to his friends. He has a special disdain for the undead, and those that traffic in it… one of the few lessons that stuck from his studies of the Raven Queen.

Rhogar was born to the clutch of the Crimson Blade, in the city of Lereban far to the South East of Fallcrest. A city of mercenary and spices, a military life was almost a given for one of the Crimson Blade’s progeny. The short 16 years of his life have been filled with tests and combat and time for little else. Sure, he’s been taught how to hammer a dent out of armor and if he was hard pressed he might even be able to make a crude blade but he’s never consider it but in the direst of circumstances. That sort of this isn’t his lot in life. Strength of arms, a willingness to endure pain… these are his talents. To go out into the world and wrest glory and gold from its grasp… that is his destiny. While taught the rudiments of religion, his lack of devotion and unorthodox ways guaranteed he’d never be accepted into the life of a paladin so that left him one path. Rhogar of the Crimson Blade is a fighter, simple as that. On the day of his maturity he was bestowed a sword, a suit of armor, and the barest of provisions and was sent out into the world to make his way. He has arrived in Fallcrest looking for work and companions with which to meet the world.

Physical Desc
Rhogar’s 6’8” frame carries an impressive bulk of corded muscle. Coupled with his bright red skin and golden eyes he tends to stand out and command attention from those around him, both on the field of battle and off. His clothing is currently simple as befits one just starting out, but his tastes in colors runs towards deep purple and silver. His scale mail is well made, but unadorned, as is the bastard sword he wears strapped to his left hip. The light shield strapped to his back is ready in case of trouble, but obviously has seen much less use than most of his gear.


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