Fallance Glitterbird

An Eladrin Ice Wizard, who is only *slightly* obsessed with Unicorns.

Name: Fallance Glitterbird
Race: Eladrin
Class: Wizard
Paragon Path:
Epic Destiny: Awesome.
Homeland: Moracia, an Eladrin city in the Feywild
Size: Medium Gender: Male
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches Age: 27
Weight: 163 Pounds Hair: Silver
Deity: Corellon Eyes: Green
Alignment: Good

Initiative: +3 AC: 15 Speed (Squares): 6
Stat Score Mod Mod + 1/2 Lvl Passive Insight: 18
Str: 10 +1 Fortitude: 12 Passive Perception: 18
Con: 12 +1 +2
Dex: 14 +2 +3 Reflex: 15 Max HP: 30
Int: 18 +4 +5 Bloodied: 15
Wis: 14 +2 +3 Will: 16 Surges per Day: 7
Cha: 12 +1 +2 Surge Value: 7

Name Bonus Stat Mod + 1/2 Lvl Trained Armor Penalty Misc
Acrobatics 3 Dex +3 0 0
Arcana 12 Int +5 5 n/a +2 Racial
Athletics 1 Str +1 0 0
Bluff 2 Cha +2 0 n/a
Diplomacy 7 Cha +2 5 n/a
Dungeoneering 3 Wis +3 0 n/a
Endurance 2 Con +2 0 0
Heal 3 Wis +3 0 n/a
History 7 Int +5 0 n/a +2 Racial
Insight 8 Wis +3 5 n/a
Intimidate 2 Cha +2 0 n/a
Nature 8 Wis +3 5 n/a
Perception 8 Wis +3 5 n/a
Religion 5 Int +5 0 n/a
Stealth 3 Dex +3 0 0
Streetwise 2 Cha +2 0 n/a
Thievery 3 Dex +3 0 0
Enlarge Spell -2 to damage to increase size of Blast or Burst
Twist the Arcane Fabric Fey Step an ally out of your power’s area of effect
At Will
Ray of Frost A single ray of Frost damages and Slows an enemy.
Ranged 10 Int vs Fort 1d6 + Int Mod Cold Damage and Target is Slowed
Scorching Burst Flames erupt from beneath several enemies’ feet.
Area Burst 1 Within 10 Int vs Ref 1d6 + Int Mod Fire Damage
Icy Terrain An area of ground ices over, becoming Difficult Terrain and knocking creatures prone.
Area Burst 1 Within 10 Int vs Ref 1d6 + Int Mod Cold Damage and Target is Knocked Prone
Icy Rays Two bolts of blue-white energy spear a pair of enemies, Immobilizing them
Ranged 10 Int vs Ref 1d10 + Int Mod Cold Damage and Target is Immobilized
Freezing Cloud A cloud of freezing air envelops an area, damaging all who enter.
Area Burst 2 Within 10 Int vs Fort 1d8 + Int Mod Cold Damage. Miss: Half Damage.
Creatures who enter or start their turns in the affected area take are subject to another attack.
(Sleep) Drowsiness settles over everything in an area, and then sleep.
Area Burst 2 Within 10 Int vs Will Targets are Slowed (Save Ends), and if they fail their first save, they fall unconscious(Save Ends)
Shield A shield of arcane Force retroactively increases the Wizard’s defenses.
(Feather Fall) You or one ally floats to the ground, unharmed by a fall.
Racial Features:
  • Ability Score Mods:
    • +2 Dex
    • +2 Int
  • Vision: Low-Light
  • Eladrin Weapon Proficiency:
    • Proficient in Longsword
  • Eladrin Will:
    • +1 Racial bonus to Will Defense
    • +5 Racial bonus to Saves vs Charm Effects
  • Fey Origin:
    • Counts as Fey instead of Humanoid for effects that consider racial origin
  • Trance:
    • 4 Hours spent in a Trance state is equivalent to a 6-hour Extended Rest
  • Fey Step:
    • Gain the Fey Step encounter power
      Fey Step Eladrin Racial Power
      With a step, you vanish from one place and appear in another.
      Encounter * Teleportation
      Move Action Personal
      Effect: Teleport up to 5 squares.

As an Eladrin, Fallance has lived most of his life in the Feywild itself, and only been on brief excursions into the lands of the mortal realm. As limited as the contact is between human civilization and his home city of Moracia, Fallance’s time sequestered in the Royal School has meant that he’s had even less contact with the lands and people of the other races than normal.

As fate would have it, that is all about to change.

All Eladrin children in Moracia attend the Royal School for a time in their youth, learning about a great many facets of the world. Some then go on to join the military academies and become officers in the Royal Army, while others are apprenticed to craftsmen or entertainers. Fallance stayed on at the Royal School after his matriculative indenture was finished. No other vocation or calling seemed so fine to him as that of Wizardry.

Through the study and employ of raw arcane forces, Fallance hoped to make his life-long dreams come true, in a way that no other mere craft or job would. You see, young Fallance has been captivated by unicorns ever since he was a small child.

One of Fallance’s earliest memories is of a trip with his mother and father through the spins and whorls of the Feywild to the neighboring human city of Ranic. Along the way there, his family stopped for a picnic next to a raucously chuckling stream, at a place where the veil between worlds grew thin. Catching a glimpse of something bright and sparkling through the trees, Fallance wandered off into the idyllic forest glade that surrounded the afternoon repast.

Whether Fallance broke through the veil and into the mortal realm as he toddled along is unsure, but the unicorns were unmistakable. He had found a small herd of the majestic creatures a mere stone’s throw from where his parents’ camp lay. Long minutes he spent among them, gazing up at their statuesque beauty and playing among the forest of legs and hooves. Gentle muzzles nuzzled the little feyling’s hands and face, just as their breath stirred his imagination for the many years to come.

When his parents noticed Fallance’s absence and came searching, they found him in a nearby clearing covered in hoofprints. The boy was babbling softly to himself about “all the pretty horses”, and was grinning as he danced about.

As he grew up, Fallance never lost his admiration for the unicorns that he’d seen that day, and thoughts of them were never far from his mind. As he studied Wizardry high in the towers of the Royal School, his instructors were horrified to find doodles of unicorns in the margins of his spellbooks, but nevertheless they found themselves impressed at his aptitude and the diligence of his studies.

Long years of study and effort have finally turned the young boy into a graceful and keenly-gifted man. Although his youthful exuberance for unicorns still rears its head from time to time, his focus has shifted somewhat. He would like to be able to retire with a large enough woodland realm to support a herd of unicorns of his own, so that his children and grandchildren might play in a forest of alabaster legs and hooves some day. If that is to ever come to pass, Fallance knows that he must distinguish himself through deeds in the greater world beyond the Feywild. To seek his fortune and to put his talents as a Frost Theurge to better use than simply chilling the drinks of idle nobles at the Royal Palace of Moracia.

Out to seek adventure and renown, Fallance has left behind his home in the Feywild and stepped through the veil to begin his adventures, every footstep on his path echoing with the thunder of hooves.

Fallance Glitterbird

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