Greg's 4E Extravaganza

Session log 6/5/09

Shadowfell Keep Catacombs lvl 2
  • Brief rest, explore the initial area of lvl 2, find empty barracks.
  • Moving deeper find another nest of hobgoblins (2 soldiery types, 1 magey, 1 archery, 5 rabbly)
  • 20gp, 24sp (5g, 8sp each) <197xp> and Rhogar takes a heavy shield
  • Rest in temple of Bahamut on lvl 1
  • Head back to second level, explore a bit more heading down far tunnel. Portcullis drops, struggle to open it then move past into room with supplies and a table with papers. After a brief moment we are confronted by 8 hobgoblins coming out of the two doors in the room. A tall leadery looking one yells “Don’t kill them, we can sell them as slaves to the Bloodreavers!” (session ends)


silcrist anonynos

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