Greg's 4E Extravaganza

Session 5/22 and 5/29

Ruined keep to the north of Winterhaven
  • Fight 10 scrawny zombies and 4 hulking zombies (in waves)
  • Weird symbol traps on floor, build bridges over them
  • 220xp (2308, lvl 3)
    - session break -
  • Sarcophagi room, Fight two buff skeleton warriors, and a series or regular skellies until we get to the end and kneel and offer praise to Big Platinum in the sky.
  • Talk to Sir Kegan, who’s spirit is unquiet in the grave due to death. Challenges us and we convince him that we are against Orcus. He gives us his sword, Aecris(+1 bastard sword, special power, Rhogar takes)
  • Head down stairs, kill hobgoblin guards and trapped spider
  • 10g, 27sp, 635 xp (2943 total)
    - session break -


silcrist anonynos

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