Greg's 4E Extravaganza

Rhogar's Journal, Entry 6

Under the eyes of the unnamable platinum one, not a horrible place to rest I suppose. Certainly not likely to find much better in the middle of a hobgoblin and undead infested old ruin.

Well. After resting up from killing Balgorn we headed down into the under tunnels of the ruins. Wandering there we encountered two waves of undead, some sort of zombies that seemed poised to attack intruders. Luckily we encountered and defeated them before we ran into the symbol traps on the floor. The undead seemed mindless attacking once we came close but not before, despite our rather obvious entry into the area.

Following the direction the second wave came from we found an odd collection of tunnels separating the entry hall and stairs deeper into the catacombs. Odd symbols marked the floors in the tunnels… magic symbols that caused pain and fear in those passing over them. After trial and error we managed to bypass the symbols by building bridges over them with the crates and boards from the entry level. Before heading downstairs we decide to check out the rest of this level where we encounter the final resting place of Sir Keegan.

A temple of the platinum dragon sits behind a sarcophagi lined hallway. A trap that creates skeletal guardians unless you manage to get to the end and ask the dragon to make it stop. Beyond that Sir Keegan’s spirit sits unquiet in his grave. Undead, especially one with a history like his, make me uncomfortable but he seems to be stuck her trying to atone for what he once did. We spoke briefly, him testing us and our goals. He seemed satisfied that we sought to close the rift once and for all and gave us what aid he could, including his sword. It seems a great burden of remorse sits upon him for having fallen to the temptations of the rifts evil, all the more reason to close the rift as soon as we can.

After clearing up that end of the catacombs we headed down the stairs we had found and encountered some hobgoblin guards. I blocked the doorway to keep them from getting to the rest of the party and we managed to wear them down. Fallance’s magics allowed him to stop a couple of the creatures that ran off to release a giant spider they had caged up making that a easy kill. We took another brief rest at this point and decided to press on a bit more before resting for the night. We found empty barracks and old wells at first, but soon enough another group of the hobgoblins confronted us.

Opening what I thought would be another empty barracks I saw a hobgoblin face peer around the tunnels corner and shout before retreating out of sight. Rushing into the nest of creatures we burst through a door and confronted a caster and his guards, only to be out flanked y some rabble foot soldiers through another door. Etheryene and Glorala and Splug’s javelin work were able to take care of them while I occupied the sturdier soldiers and caster. This battle proved taxing and after we ran down the last of the creatures we elected to retreat up to the temple area to rest. Need to evaluate somewhat, not rush so fool heartedly forward and leave my companions flanks so open.


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