Greg's 4E Extravaganza

Rhogar's Journal, Entry 5

I’d not really considered the possibility that there are good goblins. There’s always been them and us, my side and the enemy. But are the enemy all deserving of death? Are some misguided? Philosophy was never my strong suit, really. I suppose it’s just as naive to think evil is black and white as it is to trust everyone to freely. All this stuff makes me grumpy… but I suppose the Raven Queen isn’t known for coddling though in her care.

Mid afternoon at Winterhaven
  • Talk to lord Padaig. Give us reward (100g).
    • Inform him of potential spy, he seems upset. Intimates further rewards for further work saving the town from the troubles it is in.
  • Eat lunch, go to see Valthrun the sage.
    • Keep to the north part of the old Empire of Nerath which built it over the rift to seal it after they destroyed the old cult.
    • Keep is abandoned, rumored to be haunted or hold goblins.
    • Was abandoned about 2 decades after the fall of the empire. About 80 years ago Sir Kegan went insane and started slaughtering all his soldiers. They were able to drive him into the catacombs under the keep and kill him.
Ruined keep to the north of Winterhaven (multiple sessions)
  • Enter and engage goblin inhabitants. 4 goblins and a swarm of rats. (168 XP)
  • 3 goblins and torturer (156 xp). 50sp, 55gp, Bloodcut Hide Armor +1 (Etheryne)
  • Free Splug the goblin that is different
    • Does not worship Orcus
    • Tells us Balgorn the Fat is leader of the goblins. Gives general layout of the ruins. Goblin boss and bodyguards. mining goblins. Undead. Bitey things.
    • Promise to kill him if he betrays us. Give him two gold after combat where he does not betray us.
  • Pit fighting with 2 lizard beasts and 3 goblins. 22gps, +1 Holy Symbol of Battle (156xp, total XP 1870)
  • Kill Balgorn the Fat and his 14 goblin bodyguard. 560gps, Wand +1(Fallance) (218xp)

Arriving back in town we informed his lordship of our success… and of the magnitude of the troubles that best his town. He seems truly worried, to me at least, so I think he truly is still interested in the welfare of his town. Hopefully my faith here will not be proved false. He offered us further reward to investigate this matter, which is good since I wanted to do that anyways. Always nice to make some money for doing what you want to do.

After meeting with the Mayor we headed t the Inn to change, rest and eat. Nothing much came of this, mostly we decided to go speak with Valthurn the sage. The sage proved to be most useful, regaling us with information about the northern keeps past and the potential dangers we’d find when we headed that way. The keep is a old outpost of the Nerath empire, fallen to ruin shortly after the empire’s collapse. It was built to seal a rift into the Shadowfell, which is some sort of alternate plane that isn’t evil but sure sounds like it is to me. I guess it’s like a tavern, it’s just a matter of what sort of creatures get drawn to it as opposed to the nature of the building itself. Well… anyways. The last commander of the place, Sir Keegan, went insane some 80 years ago and slaughter many people in the place before the garrison was able to drive him into the catacombs and kill him. Ripe for Orcus that one is.

So far we’ve seen no evidence of the undead that Valthurn said might be here, but plenty of evidence of the goblins. It took us a goodly number of hours to find the ruins but only a short time to find the entrance to the tunnels underneath. Following the stairway down we came to a guarded landing, and I promptly charge forward to engage the ranged goblins. Unfortunately this was the point where I discovered their pit trap and the swarm of rats inside. I quickly managed to extricate myself form t the rats, but my icy breath did not seem to deter them for long as they started to climb out of the pit. The fight itself progressed quickly, with Etheryne and Fallance keeping their distance and continuing to remove the ranged goblins while Glorala and myself had closed and took out the closer goblins and their rat pets.

After the fight we took a brief rest and found a store room with old food and ale, tainted by the stench of goblins to be sure. After a brief look around we decided to press on and found what turned out to be a prison and torture chamber manned by a hobgoblin and it’s three assistants. A brief and bloody fight ensued, of course we remained victorious. At this point we recovered a set of keys, some coin, and a set of magic hide armor that Etheryene took after Fallance cleaned it up a bit with his magic. The keys opened cells off the room, one of which contained Splug… Splug is a strange goblin. He says he does not worship Orcus and is not like the other goblins We interrogated him for a bit, but ultimately decided to gamble on him and freed him in exchange for his help. It’s at this point we learn of Balgorn the fat, supposedly the leader of these goblins, as well as the general layout of the complex. We decide to go take out some stray miner goblins before tackling the boss goblin.

The goblins have some sort of racket going trying to dig up the catacombs for spare treasures. Not that they all agree, according to Splug, but they do it according to Balgorn’s orders. Keeps em busy I guess. And tired. Really, it’s a poor tactical choice really… keeping all your soldiers tired. Another brief skirmish and we took out a few more soldiers and their lizard pets.

At this point we debate the merits of rest or pressing on, leaning towards resting up outside the complex we started to head out when Etherenye notices a door concealed in the tunnel. Thinking it might lead out we head up the stairs beyond it only to discover the sleep chambers of Balgorn the Fat. I skewer him with my sword and we then proceed to kill the remaining members of his guard. At this point we hole up in his room after barricading the doors.


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