Greg's 4E Extravaganza

Rhogar's Journal, Entry 3

A cave behind a waterfall. Makes sense for druids I guess. Not that I know much about them really… nature worship I suppose. Fairly defensible… wonder what happened to them. Surely these kobolds, even kobolds led by the toughest damn goblin I’ve ever seen, didn’t drive them off. Must be squaters. Well, that’ll be taken care of soon enough I suppose.

  • Breakfast
The wilderness SE of Winterhaven
  • Encounter 12 kobolds near waterfall, kill them all
  • Enter waterfall 10 more kobolds, followed by a goblin, a kobold and a caster kobold. Kill them all
  • Rhogar is knocked down twice, but saved by Glorala’s healing
  • Rhogar takes Irontooth’s iron tooth.
  • We find a scroll that shows a connection between Kalarel (leader of death cult) and Irontooth (we assume the goblin leader of these kobolds). Spy in Winterhaven. Plan to open gateway to allow Orcus’ minions through, the townsfolk will be food for these minions.
  • Site appears to have been a Druidic site in the past.
  • 16 gp, 55sp, withered kobold arm on chain, sm. silver key, scroll (with da plan)
  • 375 xp (728 total)

Good morning to start our mission. Though I suppose most mornings are equal in that regard… get some food, got some sleep, time to move. As we’d previously discussed that kobolds were our target for the day. The most solid and direct lead we had at the time. The map we got was pretty straight forward and easy to follow, even I was able to figure it out.

The waterfall was… wet I suppose. A better writer than I would make some sort of prose about that. Some dozen of the little dog men milled about near the stream and its banks, to engrossed in whatever little dog men do to notice our approach. Drawing my sword I quickly closed the distance, springing from the tree cover and laying into one of them. The rest of the party quickly followed my lead and the kobold’s numbers were quickly winnowed away. Fallance’s ice magic slew many in one blow of icy mist. One of the beasts gets in a lucky blow that dropped me momentarily to the ground but Glorala’s invocations quickly got me back on my feet. With the tide turned against them the last beast attempted to run away, I chased after landing a blow but it again Glorala’s invocations that saved us by dropping the creature with a bolt of radiance.

After that death a lull fell over the cleared area and we set about investigating the scene. We recovered a small amount of coin, which we split, but nothing else of note amongst them. Fallance and Glorala studied the strange stones and markings along the bank, disagreeing as to their nature which later we confirmed as being Druidic. This all held little of my attention, as I’m not well learned in these matters, so my attention had turned to the area and it was at this point that something clicked. That last kobold had been running towards the falls, and there was most likely a reason. Not seeing anything I picked up his body, which was conveniently nearby, and chucked him in… not bouncing back out confirmed my suspicions that a space was indeed behind the waterfall.

At this point I took a few moments to inform the group and prepared myself to enter, unslinging my shield and grabbing out a sunrod in case it was to dark to see in the space beyond. Glorala took the lead and stepped through the waterfall into the cave beyond and came face to face with one of the kobolds who aas apparently investigating the body I’d thrown through. Her quick hammer work killed that one and paved the way for our continued killing.

The area beyond was lit by some sort of magic stone in the far end of the room, so I’d not needed to be worried and if had it been dark Fallance proved able to form light with his magic. Entering the cave found just under a dozen more kobolds in the area. These initial creatures fell quickly to our assault, but their leaders who appeared shortly there after proved much more resilient. A goblin with a ram’s head tattooed on his face and a kobold wearing a dragon’s skull for a helmet approached from deeper in the area. At this point Etherenye wisely choose to focus her attention on the goblin, pelting him with arrows as he approached and allowing Glorala and myself to finish up the rabble near us.

The goblin, who we believe to be Irontooth leader of these kobolds, took our most powerful blows with barely a notice as he came forward to do us battle. Attempting to control the field I’d placed myself in the forefront of the battle, blocking his passage, as well as that of one of his guards. Glorala invoked her gods power and summoned a spiritual warrior to aid us, commanding it to hinder the beasts progress as well.

The dragon skulled one held back slightly using magic against me which combined with the blows from goblin managed to lay me down once again, but not before I’d laid a few mighty blows on Irontooth. This part of the battle is hazy, as I lay bleeding on the ground mostly senseless, but I know Falalnce’s magic laid the final blows upon these foes, and once defeated Glorala was able to use her invocations to rouse me from the brink of death.

Taking a few minutes to recover and assess the area it became clear that this sued to be the home of some druidic functions, the throne and “fire stone” embedded therein, markings of that. Cautiously we examined the area, not going through the closed doors but keeping a careful eye out for more surprises. We again uncovered some coin as well as a small silver key and a scroll upon the body of the goblin. Fallance took a what appears to be a withered kobold arm that the goblin was wearing as a pendant, and I took his iron tooth as a trophy.

The scroll confirms that a cult connected to Orcus is active in the area, and allied with the kobolds. It mentions Kalarel, the one Glorala’s superior had warned us about, as well as a spy in Winterhaven. They have some plan to open gateways for Orcus’ minions to enter these lands, and the townsfolk of Winterhaven are the food for those minions hungers. Foul business all, and all the more reason for caution. A spy in Winterhaven means that they knwo we are in the area, that will be dangerous.

For now we’ve elected to rest in one of the somewhat defensible side rooms as the battles of today have proven quite exhausting. We moved the bodies to an alcove, which we will torch once we are gone form the area, and used their weapons as a crude warning system by stacking them against the doors.


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