Greg's 4E Extravaganza

Rhogar's Journal, Entry 2

With a name like Winterhaven you’d perhaps believe that indeed, there would be some sort of succor from this northern weather. But no, just another town. Barely that, more of an outpost. A handful of buildings huddled against the hostile northern environs. I suppose there are more people here, in the farms in the area but that’s not the city. At lest it’s not caravan work though. Missions directly from the Lord Mayor of Fallcrest, and the high priestess of Erathis! This is where it starts. Glory, gold, companions to watch your back as you lay into your foes. Perhaps these northern lands won’t be all bad.

The King’s Road
  • Another day to Winterhaven. Just as we reach the gate’s a young dwarf (Alric) runs up asking for help. We help, rescue his father (Terrik Sabanar), kill kobolds, enter the city.
    • 135 xp. 30sp (7 each, 2 to the Inn keeper), +1 resounding war hammer (to Glorala)
  • See Lord Padaig. Wishes us to investigate the Kobold troubles. SE waterfall lair? Promises a 100gp reward.
  • Go to Inn. Meet Ninaran (stand offish elven ranger) who gives us a map to the waterfall. Speak to Eilian the farmer, who is an old human with many stories of the area. He tells us of the dragon’s burial site to the SW (supposedly). Talk to Valthrun the sage, talks of random books, the Lizard men to the north that are likely long dead.
  • Douvan Staul was here a few weeks ago, supposedly headed to the dragon’s burial site.

After the kobold attack from the previous day our journey to Winterhaven progressed with little of interest right up to the gates themselves. As we sought to enter a young dwarf ran up calling for help and what sort of hero can not take notice of that?

Heading back down the road we find his father best by a small horde of these kobold creatures. He’s holding his own, having downed two of the beasts, but is trapped inside his wagon. As my eyes focus in on them only one course of action comes to mind… I charge forward, calling out the Ravenqueen’s name. My companions move forward as well, Etherenye the ranger taking up a position near trees along the road, Fallance and Glorana on my heels, the kobolds turn to face us and come to their doom. My sword bites into their shield bearers, and a final blow from Glorana’s hammer drops the first of our foes. Fallance’s magics turn the ground to ice killing another as he hinders their progress. Unfortunately one does manage to run before we can close the distance, but 9 of their numbers fall to our might.

The older dwarf, a farmer by the name of Terrik Sabanar, is grateful for our rescue even as he berates his son for not listening to him. He stand watch in case the kobolds return and he sets his wagon right to make it the final distance to Winterhaven. After passing through the gates he gives his hammer to Glorana as thanks for our aid. Fallance recognizes this as a hammer form the Iridescent Guard, some sort of dwarven knighthood he says, of which the dwarven farmer sued to be a member. I’ve never heard of it, but with the might of our dragonborn companies to the south I am not surprised. Maybe we can find some old human knight to help out… get myself a sword.

After finishing up with him we turn in the horses to the stable and head up to the manorhouse to meet with Lord Padaig. The man recounts his recent woes with the Kobolds and asks us to take care of them, offering us a 100gp reward as well as the ability to keep any spoils they may have. Fairly standard mercenary contract really. I agree, or course, as do my companions. He tells us to seek out Ninaran, an elven ranger, at the local inn for a better idea of where they are. A few other questions are asked but he has no information on Douven Staul the explorer or the possible cult.

After this we head to the Inn owned by Salvana Wrafton, a friendly human woman. We arrange for rooms and food and settle in to eat and rest. The common room is busy, but not packed, locals taking up a number of the tables. Ninaran the elven ranger was off in a corner to herself, the sage Valthrun sat reading at a table alone, and Eilian the elderyly story teller sat surrounded by a number of locals.

Glorala and Fallance approach the ranger attempting to gain information from her. They do manage to get a map to the waterfall to the south east, but her manner is stand offish and vaguely rude. More at home with beasts than decent folk I suppose, though beasts aren’t known for their ale. Regardless, we have our map and first lead.

After a bit of food I head over to speak with Eilian the farmer. He seems a friendly enough fellow, and his tales are perhaps not to be taken at face value, they certainly can be useful. Much like the stories broodmother Seshik used to tell us, you just need to dig out the kernels of facts. To the south west lies a rumored dragon’s burial site. Regardless of truth there, it’s just he sort of thing that would draw in an explorer like Douven. Map and lead number two.

At this point Glorala also spoke to the sage at some length. To be honest I didn’t pay close attention to his prattling. He went on about the codex of this the collection of that. Not exactly in my realm. Glorala seemed to take note though, so that’s good. He didn’t seem to have much to say except that Douven had indeed come here, and that he could look up much about our various inquiries. I’ll leave this to Glorala and Fallance I suppose, they seem to the sort to be able to reason it out.

So the first order of business will be to head out early tomorrow to look at his kobold problem. That’ll be good. clear out one problem and lay the ground work for getting to know this place. I’d like to find more information about this possible death cult, but investigation isn’t my strong suit. I think once we get our legs under us here it’ll go easier.

May the Ravenqueen watch over us.


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